Type 1: Frame Rack:  A basic frame carrying rack, this system comes without any poling or strapping systems. It is ideal for the safe carriage of window frames or garage doors.

Type 2: Strapping System:  Again, our basic frame carrying rack but with the addition of integral load restraints and fastening straps. It is designed for the safe carriage of window frames and garage doors, but with the strapping system built in for extra safety and speed of loading.

Type 3: Glass Rack:  This is our standard glass carrying rack with spring loaded poling system. Perfect for the safe carriage of glass. The rack of choice for the majority of our customers.

Type 4: Combi Rack:  A combination of the two types of rack; this system has both the spring loaded poling system and also the strapping system. It is ideal for the safe carriage of glazing products, garage doors and almost anything else you might need to carry.


All our internal racks can be customised to suit your exact requirements. They can incorporate shelving and the rails can be positioned at any height that you need.

We also offer a full ply-lining service. If your vehicle is brand new and you are having an external rack fitted, please bear in mind that the ply lining to the rack side will have to be removed and re-fitted after racking. It therefore makes more sense to have us do the work at the same time. We always use high quality WPB grade plywood. The walls and door panels are 6mm thick and we always use 12 mm for the flooring this provides a stronger surface for glass handling. The floor can also be covered with either Fotex flooring or rubber matting for extra safety and durability. In addition to ply lining we also offer a comprehensive range of shelving and cupboards. These can be tailor made to suit your exact requirements.


Double Bottom Rail:  Our unique double bottom rails facilitate the safe carriage of small items. Even items as small as 300 mm square can be safely secured by our poling system.

Hazard Plates:  Acting not only as a visible width indicator but as an extra safety measure, our hazard plates are totally strong and easily removable. Should the load shift, for example in an accident, they act as an extra safety measure to prevent the glass from sliding forwards off the rack.

Folding Foot:  Width restrictions are becoming an increasing irritant to those working in built up areas. At the end of a hard day’s work the last thing anybody needs is a diversion due to the size of your vehicle. Any rack is capable of being fitted with a ‘folding foot’ base plate to help you avoid this.


All external racks are manufactured from our own profiles of top grade 3mm corrosion resistant 6063 grade aluminium. It is tempered to T6 standard and artificially aged by heat treatment of up to 30 hours at a temperature of between 100 and 200 degrees centigrade. This hardens and increases the strength after solution heat treating quicker than natural ageing and to a greater level.

All our external products (with the exception of walkways, for safety reasons) come with the option to powder coat which uses a full polyester coating (British Standard 5750) to ensure full protection in all weathers. With more than 150 different colours carried in stock, an excellent colour match is ensured providing a professional and aesthetically pleasing appearance to your vehicles.

All rubber extrusions are again of top quality, being 70% EPDM rubber for the safe carriage of glass or frames in all climatic conditions. All fixings are high grade BZP to prevent corrosion. All roof racks come complete with top quality chromate passivate ladder rollers, which are lacquered for extra corrosion resistance. They are fitted with sealed precision bearings and securely fitted.

Our door ladders are of industrial specifications securely fixed to your doors.

Our Internal racks are made from High grade A Aluminium profiles and rubber extrusions as our external frails are. They are strong, safe and slim-line, to leave a greater load space in your vehicles. They come complete with poles for safe securing of your load.

Should you require anything manufacturing to your own specifications, please ask. We will always endeavour to meet your needs.


Hazard Plates:  The red and white hazard plates fitted to our racks, serve not only as a visible width warning but also as an extra safety measure during severe breaking or an accident. They will, in the event of an accident, stop the glass from sliding forward past the driver’s door.

Rollers:  By using only, the best quality products our racking systems stand the test of time. Inferior products will not last long in the British climate.

Ladders:  We only use top quality ladders which are cut to size for each individual van and powder coated. Rubber tips are fitted for safety reasons.

Powder Coating:  We use only high-quality paint products in the full range of both RAL and BS colours, powder coatings are offered in a variety of gloss levels and texture finishes. Bespoke colours are also available on demand.